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Setting up a rideshare in Singapore is good for the environment as well as your budget. Not only does sharing the costs of transportation save you money, it also allows you to socialise and brainstorm while travelling. While some who choose to carpool select one person to drive while the rest contribute monetarily, sometimes others take turns driving, which greatly reduces fatigue associated with long commutes.

Benefits of Ridesharing

Everyone involved benefits from sharing the expenses and responsibilities of getting to and from work, school, sports events, extra-curricular activities and so forth. Changing drivers ensures that each person gets a chance to rest and stays refreshed throughout the week. If everyone in the pool rotates cars, wear and tear on individual vehicles is greatly reduced. As mentioned before, rideshare participation greatly reduces travel costs and the amount of pollution released into the air by vehicle traffic.

Find a Rideshare

To get started, you must first find an existing rideshare programme or a group of people interested in establishing one. You can do this by contacting local rideshare programmes. In many cases, these are run by local employers or individual groups within the community. Some cities even establish such programmes in an effort to ease traffic congestion and air pollution. If you choose to start your own rideshare programme, be sure to iron out all the details with fellow participants so that everyone knows what their responsibilities are to reduce confusion.


Be sure to get to know the people you choose for your rideshare. In addition to making sure the driver of your rideshare is safe and courteous, you might also want to check to see if he has insurance that will cover you if an accident occurs. You must also ensure that the person you plan to rely upon is reliable and on time without fail.

You will benefit greatly once you find rideshare participants in your area. While you can ask coworkers to start a transportation pool, it's also a good idea to check out other avenues for finding rideshare mates, such as the Internet, newspaper and college bulletin board. Additionally, rideshare information may be distributed by your employer.

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Looking for carpooling
Hello folks, I am looking for carpooling. I don't have car. My location is fernvale/sengkang to 4chin bee drive/boon lay. My office hours are 8.30-5.00 weekdays. Please lemme know if you are ...
  • Singapore
Transportation service
Mon-Fri: Leaving at 715am from Tampines/ Punggol/Sengkang/ Upper Thomson/ Mandai/ to Woodlands. Sat- Sun: Please make inquiry by message/phone. Johore Bahru also possible. Car: Toyota ...
  • Singapore
Provide carpool service from Sengkang / Hougang to IBP / Jurong
Pick you up daily in the morning ONLY (Mon to Fri) from your home at Sengkang @710, Hougang @715 or Kovan @720 or Serangoon NEX @725 hrs to your workplace at IBP / Jurong East @800 ~ 810 hrs. No ...
  • Singapore
Gumtree: Carpool from Sengkang to Redhill/Depot rd/Bukit Merah and back Carpool from Sengkang to Redhill/Depot rd/Bukit Merah and back
Tired of travelling in crowded public transport? Tired of queuing up at taxi stands with no signs of taxis and wasting your precious time? Tired of waking up your poor kid at 6:00am or earlier ...
  • Singapore
Rideshare from Sengkang to Aljunied (Mon to Fri)
Offering rideshare on the way from Sengkang to Aljunied daily (Mon to Fri). Leaving Sengkang at around 0745hrs and reach Aljunied around 0830hrs. Pickup / drop-off location & timing flexible. ...
  • Serangoon / Thomson (D19-20)
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